Monday, July 19, 2010

What is Mayor Michael Nutter Hiding?

Mayor Nutter serves on the Board of Directors of the Independence Visitor Center Corporation, a private company, which runs the visitor centers at Independence Park, City Hall and Fairmount Park.

Under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law, The Constitutional Walking Tour requested records regarding Mayor Nutter's role on the Board of Directors of the Independence Visitor Center.

The City of Philadelphia denied the release of the records.

The Constitutional appealed, and the PA Office of Open Records issued a legally binding Final Determination for the City to release the records stating, "If a public official [Mayor Nutter] serves on a private board in an official capacity, the public has a right to know the extent of that service and see records associated with it."

The City refused to release any records! Instead, the City is spending taxpayer dollars to sue The Constitutional to block the release of public documents despite the City hemorrhaging cash, raising taxes and cutting services.

The City is requiring my small business to allocate our scarce resources to fight the appeal. Mayor Nutter promised that transparency and accountability would govern his Administration. Now it looks like Mayor Nutter has something to hide.


PA Office of Open Records, Final Determination, Jonathan Bari and The Constitutional Walking Tour vs. City of Philadelphia, Docket No.: AP 2010-0157, 4/7/10;
"Minutes of a non profit organization on which the mayor sits in his official capacity as the mayor, record of the agency"